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OEM Remote Start Generator Manufacturer&Supplier in China

The convenience and comfort of owning a generator with a remote control system is unmatched. With a remote control generator, starting the generator from a safe distance is a breeze! Then let's take a look at BISON's top remote start generator.

BISON offers a variety of remote start generators for you to choose from.

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Freedom to choose generator model

Gasoline Powered Remote Start Alternator

Gasoline powered remote start generators are a popular choice for providing backup power for homes, recreational vehicles and small businesses. These generators use gasoline as a fuel source and can be started remotely for easy access.

Diesel Powered Remote Start Generator

Diesel powered remote start generators are known for their durability, fuel efficiency and increased runtime. These generators run on diesel fuel and can also be started remotely for added convenience.

BISON remote start generator

Advantages of BISON remote start generator

BISON remote start generators are reliable and efficient power solutions designed to meet a variety of needs.

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What is a remote start generator?

Remote start generator is a generator that has a start feature (with a key fob), meaning it can be started from any networked device.

The working principle of wireless remote start generator

The remote requires batteries to operate the remote starter. Battery-powered transmitters have a button that you hold down. It sends a signal to the electronics installed in the generator to start the engine. You can complete the power connection without going out.

Generally, there are two processes for remotely booting a system. Inside the portable generator control panel, the remote starter is connected to the ignition switch and, in some models of BISON generators, to the choke coil. Use the remote control key again, the signal will be sent to the remote control, press the control button to start.

The operating range of the key fob varies by generator manufacturer, but is typically up to 100 feet.

Overall, the remote start generator is a beautiful machine. The remote start feature is especially useful during nighttime power outages, early morning, or when it's pouring rain outside.


Remote Start Generator Purchase Guide

When importing remote control generators, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Mainly power output, voltage compatibility, safety features, reliability, transportation, and warranty and aftermarket support.

Power output

It is crucial to consider the power output of the generator. Ensure that the generator possesses adequate power capacity for its intended use. Typically, power output is measured in watts or kilowatts.Observe the maximum power demand of the appliance or appliances that you intend to operate with the generator to verify its ability to handle the load.BISON remote control generator manufacturer offers a series of generators with different power outputs to meet different needs. Make sure to choose a generator with the proper power output to meet your requirements.

Voltage compatibility

Voltage compatibility is another important factor when importing remote control generators. Various countries and regions have different voltage standards; therefore, it is very important to determine whether the imported generator can operate normally within the voltage range of the target country. For example, North America operates on 110-120V, while Europe uses 220-240V. BISON provides customized generators in a variety of voltage ranges, ensuring that its products can be used worldwide.

Security function

The safety features of an remote start generator are critical to ensuring the safety of the generator and connected equipment. Overload protection, low oil shutdown and short circuit protection prevent damage to the generator and connected equipment in the event of a fault.


Reliability is a key factor to consider when importing remote control generators. A reliable generator should provide consistent power output and perform well in a variety of conditions. It is crucial to choose a generator from a reputable manufacturer known for producing reliable and durable products.


When importing remote control generators, also consider shipping costs, duties, taxes, and other charges associated with importing generators to ensure the total cost is within your budget.

Warranty and After Sales Support

Warranty and after sales support are also important factors to consider when importing remote control generators. A strong warranty reflects a manufacturer's trust in the quality of its product and provides assurance to buyers. After-sales support, including technical assistance and spare parts availability, guarantees that any generator issues will be resolved in a timely manner. BISON Remote Control Generator Manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on its generators and provides excellent after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, by thoroughly evaluating these factors and working with a reliable manufacturer when importing remote start generators, you can ensure that you are making the most suitable investment in remote start generators that meet your and your customers' requirements.

Safety considerations for remote start generators

The remote start generator is indeed a special innovation. Completely eliminate the situation of pulling the rope to start. For continued and long-term service, generators need to be maintained in the best possible way. Make sure to place it in the safest spot in your yard. 

Moisture poses a threat to generators and equipment of all types. Therefore, please make sure the machine is in a dry place. This will prevent forms of corrosion that can damage them later. Therefore, it is important to place the generator away from animals and insects. 

Also generators should not be placed in your living space. Most of these places are poorly ventilated. Generators will produces a certain level of noise and exhaust, especially when first started. Therefore, place the device in an area where it will not be disturbed. 

Proper maintenance is critical to getting long-term service from your generator. For example, batteries are an important part of remote start generators. Make sure to replace or recharge when you run out. 

Oil changes are also another important thing to look out for when using a remote start generator. Check the spark plugs and replace the air filter regularly. If you plan to store your generator for an extended period, make sure the fuel tank remains empty during this time. Also, if you plan to store petrol in it, you can use a fuel stabilizer.

A great remote start generator to consider...

Is the remote start feature a real convenience or an unnecessarily expensive item?

Some importers may consider the remote start feature to be overkill and add to the price of an otherwise low-cost generator.

However, for users who do not have enough strength to pull the power cord, it will be more difficult to start the generator with the traditional pull wire method. Instead, with a remote start generator, you can easily start your generator with the push of a button. Very convenient and essential.

What is the ideal size for a remote start generator?

Some importers may consider the remote start feature to be overkill and add to the price of an otherwise low-cost generator.

Most electronic devices require a lot of watts to run common appliances such as water heaters, microwaves, freezers, air conditioners, ovens, and shops. So you need to know what equipment he wants to run from the remote start generator. When you already know how many wattages your appliance needs to run on, you will be able to choose your remote start generator accordingly.

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