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BISON electric pressure washer

As one of the leading electric pressure washer suppliers in China, BISON warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk electric pressure washer from our fact. If you need more information or are interested in the electric pressure washers we offer, you can view the range of electric pressure washers manufactured by BISON here. Or for help choosing a pressure washer, feel free to call or email us.

BISON, Professional global manufacturer of electric pressure washers.

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single phase pressure washer

single phase pressure washer specification

Power: 2.2kw 3kw 2.2kw 3kw
Phase: Single phase Single phase Single phase Single phase
Voltage frequency: 220V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz 220V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz 220V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz 220V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz
Speed: 2900RPM 2900RPM 1450RPM 1450RPM
Working pressure: 100Bar/1450psi 140Bar/2030psi 100Bar/1450psi 140Bar/2030psi
Flow: 12.6LPM 12.6LPM 12.6LPM 12.6LPM
Pump modle: PE180 triplex plunger pump PE180 triplex plunger pump PE200 triplex plunger pump PE200 triplex plunger pump
Pump head: Brass Brass Brass Brass
G.W.(kg): 46kg 48kg 56kg 68kg
Dimension(mm) 770*480*370mm 770*480*370mm 770*480*370mm 770*480*370mm
20FT(Set) 216 216 216 216
40HQ(Set) 432 432 432 432

three phase pressure washer

three phase pressure washer specification

Power: 2.2kw 3kw 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Phase: Three Phase Three Phase Three Phase Three Phase Three Phase
Voltage frequency: 380V/50Hz,60Hz 380V/50Hz,60Hz 380V/50Hz,60Hz 380V/50Hz,60Hz 380V/50Hz,60Hz
Speed: 1450RPM 1450RPM 1450RPM 1450RPM 1450RPM
Working pressure: 100Bar/1450psi 140Bar/2030psi 200Bar/2900psi 250Bar/3600psi 250Bar/3600psi
Flow: 12.6LPM 12.6LPM 12.6LPM 12.6PM 15LPM
Pump modle: PE200 triplex plunger pump PE200 triplex plunger pump PE250 triplex plunger pump PE250 triplex plunger pump PE250 triplex plunger pump
Pump head: Brass Brass Brass Brass Brass
G.W.(kg): 56 68 68 82 86
Dimension(mm) 770*480*370mm 770*480*370mm 810*430*670mm 810*430*670mm 810*430*670mm
20FT(Set) 216 216 84 84 84
40HQ(Set) 432 432 280 280 280

Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer specification

Electric high pressure washer hot water BS1014 BS1515 BS2516
Power: 2.2KW 3KW 5.5kw
Voltage frequency: 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Working Pressure(Bar): 100 bar 150 bar 250 bar
Flow: 14LPM 15LPM  16LPM
Speed: RPM 1450  RPM 1450  RPM 1450 
Temperature 60-100℃ 60-100℃ 60-100℃

Happy Client's

Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, the greatest happiness

  • " Our first choice was an electric pressure washer from BISON. This is a very powerful washer that can produce motors up to 2030 PSI/3.4 GPM and can be operated with five different nozzles. According to the market sales feedback this quarter, this pressure washer is very popular. "

    - Olivia Hunfeld


  • " This is an excellent car cleaning tool. The best thing about this electric pressure washer is that it runs on an induction motor, which is water-cooled, which ensures a longer tool life. Therefore, this is the most suitable one for commercial vehicle high pressure cleaning. "

    - Marco Ghiott


  • " If you only need to use your pressure washer for small jobs, in which case a more affordable model like the BISON pressure washer is highly recommended. This affordable model turns power back to 1,500 psi and 1.2 gpm, making it ideal for small projects like cleaning patio furniture and washing cars. "

    - Eileen Rasslenberg


  • " BISON offers the most powerful electric pressure washer. It earns our choice as the best electric pressure washer of the year. It utilizes brushless motors and new technology to achieve higher performance than the competition in terms of PSI. At the same time provide machines at very competitive prices.. "

    - Amr Adel


frequently asked questions

Are electric pressure washers easy to use?

The benefits of an electric pressure washer are lower upfront costs and little additional maintenance.

Why won't the electric pressure washer start?

If your electric pressure washer isn't making any noise at all, the first thing to look at is the wires. Make sure it's plugged directly into a wall outlet, that the connection is secure, and that your outlet provides enough grounded power to operate your pressure washer.

If the motor of electric pressure washer has stopped but is humming, it is usually a faulty capacitor.

Can an electric pressure washer clean a driveway?

There is no doubt that a 1,300 to 2,300 psi electric pressure washer can clean a concrete driveway, but it will take longer. If you have a lot of stains in your driveway, you'll need more power to get the job done faster.

Why do electric pressure washers keep turning off?

Electric pressure washers can overheat, clog lines, or have more serious problems. Try shutting down the machine, disconnecting the hose and wand, then reconnecting and trying again. If you experience any problems with this product, please contact manufacturer-BISON.

What PSI electric pressure washer do I need to clean concrete?

When cleaning concrete, use a power washer rated at least 3000 psi and a flow rate of at least 4 gpm.

Do electric pressure washers need oil?

Yes, the pump of electric pressure washer also needs oil. In contrast to gas engines, the electric motor of an electric pressure washer does not require oil, but the pump does to keep it working properly. A pressure washer water pump requires relatively little oil.

What is the most recommended place to store an electric pressure washer?

Well, electric pressure washers should be kept in a dry place. Remember that the device will then be connected to an outlet, so it cannot get wet. Safety should always be a top priority, so make sure you never place your machine in a wet area.

How do electric pressure washers work?

Electric Pressure Washers Motor works by coupling to drive the three-cylinder plunger pump. This pump uses an impeller to pressurize the water and then sprays the water out through a nozzle at very high speed, so you can remove dirt from surfaces like concrete or metal.

Most electric pressure washers have a pressure gauge so you can adjust them for different surfaces, allowing you to wipe off stains and stubborn grime that soap, water, and scrubbing can't clean.

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electric power washer recommend to buy

For years, the only option available to consumers who needed a nice pressure washer to handle large, arduous cleanups was a heavy-duty gas-powered unit. These certainly do the job well, but they are also noisy, produce harmful emissions, and cost a lot of money to acquire, maintain, and operate. But over the past few decades, electric pressure washers have become more common. Today, they are the main choice for most residential and even some commercial applications, and they are also favored by more importers.

Next, I will first introduce the electric pressure washers and their advantages and disadvantages, then further understand the main types of electric pressure washers manufactured by BISON in the electrical field, and then discuss some factors to be considered when purchasing electric cleaning machines, and basic safety maintenance skills.

What is electric pressure washer?

It is a kind of cleaning equipment that uses high pressure water to clean the surface. It is mainly composed of a motor and pump, through the high pressure hose will increase the water pressure, through the spray gun output. Triplex plunger pump of electric pressure washer is driven by induction motor. Electric-powered, everyday household pressure washers are known to be very cost-effective cleaning devices, because, in outdoor cleaning, you cannot exceed the reliability of electric pressure washer. Compared with gasoline pressure washer, it can provide power only by pressing a button, the operation is simple, the work is quieter, and the price is lower.

Users can use electric pressure washer to clean hard outdoor surfaces such as patios, walkways, decks, and walkways. electric pressure washers mainly have the following components, making it an excellent performing device. These parts are

  1. Industrial grade induction motors have good starting performance and low noise levels.

  2. 100% copper wire, aluminum housing.

  3. IP55 waterproof, built-in over-current, leakage protection

  4. Triplex plunger pump with pressure gauge.

  5. On-off switch, auto start, and stop function.

electric pressure washers usage

Benefits of an electric pressure washer

There are many reasons why China electric pressure washer is a buyer's choice. And because of its great value, many consumers turn to electric pressure washers to make cleaning easier.

  • Powerful motor function - the motor runs more stably and can easily solve most household cleaning tasks. For example, windows can be cleaned at home with a BISON light electric washer much faster than manual cleaning and saving a lot of time.

  • Simple to use - users simply plug the BISON electric washer into an outlet and start using it. No need to buy or mix fuel, it will run as long as there is electricity.

  • Maintenance Free - Electric pressure washers require minimal maintenance compared to air pressure washers.

  • Lightweight - Household electric washers are significantly lighter than BISON's air pressure washers of the same power range, which have a heavier engine and a heavier fuel tank.

  • Quiet Operation - These pressure washers are fairly quiet and make about the same noise as a pressure washer, making them ideal for home use.

  • Greener - Electric washers are emission-free and do not produce any by-products that are harmful to the environment. 

  • More affordable - BISON electric pressure washers are also cheaper to purchase than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

However, if you will be working in remote areas or need something that is easy to move, gasoline or diesel may be a better choice.

gasoline pressure washer clean house

Types of BISON Electric Pressure Washers

Lightweight Electric Washer

These pressure washers provide pressures up to 1799 PSI and are primarily used in light duty applications such as cleaning automobiles, weather siding and outdoor patio furniture.

Medium Electric Washer

This type is commonly used to remove mold from patios, decks, and house siding. They are also good at cleaning up pollen and debris from fences. Most work pressures between 1800 and 2699 PSI.

Heavy Duty Electric Washer

At 2800+ PSI, these are one of the most powerful models you can buy for residential use. Any model offering above 3100 PSI is classified as a commercial-grade model.

BISON heavy-duty pressure washers are most commonly used to strip siding, clean two-story homes, and remove stains from driveways, sidewalks, and decks.

Commercial Pressure Washer

BISON commercial pressure washers operate at 3000+ PSI and 3-4 GPM. They are great for heavy duty jobs such as removing grease, cleaning large areas, and stripping paint from brick or concrete.

Residential Pressure Washer

Residential pressure washers usually provide a working pressure of 2000 PSI and a flow rate of around 2 GPM. They are light to medium duty cleaners that can be used to clean driveways, siding or bricks, remove mildew from decks, remove paint from fences, and more.

medium diesel pressure washer

Single-phase electric pressure washer

BISON single-phase electric high pressure cleaning machine can reach 1450psi to 2610psi, and the maximum power can reach 3.7kw. Anything over 3.7kW on the market is a 3-phase electric washer. And because of the power supply, BISON only manufactures 220V50HZ and 60HZ at this stage.

large diesel pressure washer

Three-phase electric pressure washer

While covering the power section of the single-phase electric pressure washer, Three-phase electric pressure washer can also achieve a pressure output of more than 2900psi and a high power of 4-7.5kw. Voltage frequency 380v 50hz, 60hz.

How to choose electric pressure washer?

There are different electric pressure washers available today, so how do you know if an electric pressure washer is the right one to buy? How to choose a good one? Read on to find out.

Pressure washer water inlet

The water inlet is basically the hose that connects the machine to the water supply. Inside the inlet is a filter that prevents dust and particles from entering the washer and clogging it. This small filter plays a vital role in keeping the machine running smoothly, as particles, no matter how tiny, can wreak havoc or reduce water pressure. Electric pressure washers require a certain amount of water pressure for optimal use.

Pressure washer induction motor

Induction motors are the most commonly used type in electric pressure washers. Power outputs and designs vary due to the size and power output required. It will be described in more detail in the following content. It is worth mentioning that each electric washer from BISON is equipped with an efficient and powerful induction motor, which enables the electric washer to achieve stable operation.

Pressure washer pump with pressure gauge

The high-pressure pump is the other main part of the pressure washer and is responsible for drawing water from the water source and pushing it into the spray gun. BISON adopts PG200 and PG250 crankshaft pumps, and is equipped with a pressure regulating and pressure relief valve that regulates pressure. Provide independent optional thermal protection valve and suction nozzle function, with the characteristics of high reliability and long service life.

pressure gauge

Not everyone really cares about a pressure gauge, but it helps. The pressure gauge will let the user know the PSI (pounds per square inch). If the user wants to increase or decrease the water pressure, the decision does not have to be guesswork. With this meter, practical decisions can be made based on the current water flow.

how the pressure washer hose fitting the pressure pump

Pressure washer shell material

To save weight, many manufacturers tend to incorporate plastic into their construction. Plastic isn't a bad choice as long as it's limited to the case and outer structure. Connections and vital parts should all be metal, as plastics have poor reliability. BISON household electric cleaning machines use plastic casings, but commercial grades use aluminum waterproof casings.

Power cord and hose range

The high-pressure hose is the tube at the other end of the electric pressure washer through which water leaves the pump. Pressure washer hoses differ from garden hoses in that they are designed to withstand high pressures, sometimes as high as 6000 PSI. But with an electric washer, a longer hose range is also required, as the electric washer can only move as far as the power cord allows.

Pressure washer safety features

Make sure your electric pressure washer offers safety features against vibration, accidental twisting of wires, and automatic shutdown. You can connect directly to the power supply through the built-in wired connection. With an electric pressure washer, you will not have any trouble with refueling or startup problems, and you don't have to worry about damage to the pump due to long idling.

The above is what you need to pay special attention to when purchasing an electric cleaning machine. I believe these contents will also help you make a better purchasing decision.

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Electric pressure washer maintenance tips

  • After using an electric pressure washer, users should follow several steps to properly clean and store it. Doing so will extend the life of the device.

  • Cleaners should always be rinsed out of the pressure washer.

  • After turning off the pressure and disconnecting the power, the gun should be run until the water stops flowing.

  • The trigger lock should be turned on and the pressure washer should be allowed to cool.

  • Pressure hoses, gun extensions, gun and garden hoses should be disconnected and water should be drained from them.

  • Any remaining water in the pump should be removed. For electric models, the unit should be turned on until water comes out of the pump.

  • Any debris from the outside of the pressure washer should be removed.

  • After thorough drying, the electric pressure washer should be stored in a location that will remain dry and protected from the elements.

  • But when using these devices, please pay attention to safety. If any high-pressure cleaner is aimed at people or animals, it may cause injury.

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