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frequently asked questions

Are pressure washer parts interchangeable?

The compatibility of pressure washer components varies according to the make and model.  Although certain parts like hoses, nozzles, and connectors may work across different brands, internal components or design-specific parts may lack interchangeability. It is essential to refer to the manufacturer's instructions, user manual, or seek assistance from customer support to identify the safe interchangeability of parts for a specific pressure washer model.

How do I choose right accessories for my pressure washer?

The selection of pressure washer accessories is largely related to your distinct cleaning needs. For intense cleaning tasks like stripping paint, a turbo nozzle might prove handy. For extensive, even surfaces, like patios or driveways, dedicated surface cleaners could be the perfect fit. Prior to investing in any such enhancement, ensure its compatibility with your model of pressure washer and its ability to cope with its PSI level (pressure per square inch).

What are the different pressure washer accessories?

Pressure washer accessories play crucial role in augmenting functionality and versatility of high pressure washer. Here are some common pressure washer accessories:

  • Nozzles

  • Surface Cleaners

  • Extension Wands

  • Brush Attachments

  • Turbo Nozzles

  • Foam Cannons

  • Hose Reels

  • Gutter Cleaners

  • Sandblasting Kits

  • Water Brooms

  • Pressure Washer Pumps

Are there accessories for cleaning specific surfaces such as decks or vehicles?

Yes, there are special accessories for various surfaces. Brush attachments are suitable for scrubbing surfaces, while surface cleaners and water brooms are designed for large flat areas. Always use accessories that match the cleaning task.

How can I ensure my safety while utilizing pressure washer attachments?

Follow pressure washer accessories manufacturer safety guidelines. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, like safety glasse and gloves. Pay attention to pressure and spray patterns to avoid injury or damage.

How to store pressure washer parts when not in use?

BISON advice store pressure washer parts in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Then hang  pressure washer hose on hose reel to prevent kinks and tangles. Proper storage helps extend the service life of accessories.

Will using wrong spare parts damage my pressure washer?

Yes, using incompatible or inappropriate spare parts may damage your pressure washer. If accessory cannot withstand pressure level of machine, it may malfunction or even be damaged. Additionally, using wrong spare parts can pose a safety risk. Be sure to check specifications of spare parts and make sure they match capacity of your pressure washer to prevent any untoward consequences.

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  • " We are deeply impressed by the excellent quality of BISON pressure washer accessories.  The components' durability exceeded our expectations, delivering reliable performance even during demanding cleaning tasks.  BISON's commitment to quality is indeed commendable. "

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  • " Facts have proved that BISON’s pressure washer accessories are highly compatible with various models and can meet our various needs.  Superior performance specifications, including high-efficiency nozzles and optimal flow rates, significantly increase the overall efficiency of our pressure washer systems. "

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  • " Choosing BISON is a wise decision for our business.  BISON not only offers top-notch pressure washer accessories, but their customer support is also outstanding.  Any questions or concerns are addressed promptly, and warranty coverage ensures manufacturer confidence in their accessories.  A reliable partner in every aspect. "

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pressure washer parts & accessories purchase guide


Pressure washers, indispensable for home improvement and professional endeavors, feature remarkable power and dependability. Its powerful water pressure excels at thoroughly washing surfaces and efficiently removing residue like grit, dirt, grime, and mold. While a pressure washer possesses significant standalone capabilities, it is the use of accessories that truly amplifies its potential. These additions allow for adaptations and improvements to the cleaning process, customized to fit specific applications.

Incorporating the suitable accessories with pressure washer increases, not only its effectiveness but also streamlines your tasks, saving both time and effort. Depending on the pressure and flow rate of the model, BISON pressure washers can be equipped with a range of accessories. Whether you need a pressure washer surface cleaner to scrub your floors or a rotating nozzle to clean your ducts, there are plenty of options. From pressure washer guns to pressure washer pumps, read on for the BISON pressure washer accessories buying guide!

Learn about pressure washer types and accessory compatibility

Before we explore the vast realm of high pressure washer accessories, it's essential to grasp understanding of different types of pressure washers available. As these types influence both the compatibility of accessories and the range of enhancements that can be incorporated.

There are two main categories of pressure washers: electric and fuel-driven. Accessories compatible with electric pressure washers can often handle more delicate tasks due to their lower pressure output. Gasoline or diesel pressure washers provide higher pressures, enabling them can handle heavy duty accessories designed for more challenging tasks.

Moreover, the specific make and model of your pressure washer also dictate the types of accessories you can employ. Some brand manufacturers design pressure washers to be compatible only with accessories of their own choosing, while others allow the use of accessories added by third parties. Regardless of the scenario, it's crucial to scrutinize the specifications of both your chosen pressure washer and associated accessories, prior to purchasing to confirm they mesh well together.

Knowing the type, power rating, make, and model of your pressure washer can guide you in choosing the right accessories. In the following sections we take an in-depth look at the range of accessories available, from pressure washer pumps, high pressure washer hoses, high pressure washer spray guns, water brooms, pressure washer surface cleaners, rotary turbine nozzles to sewer jetter nozzles, And detailed descriptions of how to use each accessory enhances the functionality of your pressure washer.

Basic pressure washer accessories

Pressure washer pump

Consider the pump of a pressure washer as its beating heart. This crucial component links to the engine or motor, propelling it to rotate. This rotation subsequently leads the plunger into a back-and-forth action, a key process in maintaining high-pressure performance. There exist two primary variants of high-pressure washer pumps: the swash plate and the triplex plunger pump varieties.

Swash plate pumps are widely chosen for their compact size and affordability. However, their durability tends to be less, often resulting in a shorter lifespan. However, after the BISON swash plate pump has been developed and upgraded, its surface has been treated with black oxidation, which can effectively prevent the pump from dirt and wear. At the same time, a booster valve is added to realize self-priming under any circumstances.

On the flip side, triplex plunger pumps are recognized for their enhanced durability and efficiency.   They are frequently the choice for commercial pressure washers due to these characteristics. However, this high-grade performance reflected in triplex plunger pumps does result in a pricier investment. When choosing a pump, take into account the necessary pressure and flow, the nature of the tasks it will be used for, and your financial limits.


Pressure washer hose

A good pressure washer hose is better suited for your cleaning process. Hoses made from reinforced steel are tough, durable and less likely to kink. However, they can be heavy. Cotton hose is lighter and more flexible, but wears out faster. Household high-pressure cleaners usually use cotton pipes, while steel wire pipes can withstand working pressures above 150Bar. It is worth noting that according to CE safety standards, the working pressure of pressure washer should be less than 1/4 of the burst pressure of high-pressure pipelines.

Absolutely, the hose length significantly matters too. For residential purposes like home and car washing, a 25-foot hose should generally meet your needs. But for larger tasks, such as cleaning the exterior of a second floor, hoses up to 60 feet long are needed. BISON pressure washer machine accessories manufacturers provide services that can customize the length of the hose, but it is recommended not to extend it excessively as this will reduce the pressure. Make sure to also consider the type of connection (quick connect or threaded coupling) for a strong and safe connection.

Pressure washer spray gun

In fact, a good pressure washer spray gun can greatly improve the efficiency of pressure washer. Choose an ergonomically designed model with a comfortable grip, and easy trigger to minimize the stress of prolonged operation.

Also, consider the gun’s compatibility with your pressure washer model. Some models have proprietary connections that only allow specific spray guns.

pressure washer water broom

A water broom is an accessory used for cleaning flat surfaces like driveways, decks, and walkways. This tool splits the water stream into multiple streams for extended coverage, allowing for faster and more efficient cleaning of large flat areas. Look for a water broom with durable yet lightweight materials, adjustable width, and easy installation options to suit your washing tasks.

Pressure washer surface cleaner

High-pressure washer is connected to surface cleaner, and surface cleaner’s hand-held water gun can push the washing floor to move at a constant speed. It's also great for cleaning large flat areas like patios, patio floors and squares. Surface cleaner provide consistent, streak-free cleaning while being quieter and faster than traditional spraying. Cleaning with surface cleaner is 3 times faster than traditional cleaning methods. According to the different shell materials, BISON high-pressure surface cleaners are divided into plastic types and stainless steel types.

Turbo nozzle

The turbo nozzle sprays water in a cone shape and is accompanied by a pulse jet. Compared with ordinary fan-shaped nozzles, the working efficiency is increased by 200%, effectively reducing human labor intensity. But different machines have different nozzle models. If you purchase turbine nozzle separately, please let us know the nozzle model,or working pressure and pump flow rate. If rotary nozzle is improperly selected, it will cause insufficient flow or insufficient pressure in the pressure washer, resulting in energy loss or damage to the high pressure pump.

Sewer jetter nozzle

Sewer jetter nozzles are designed specifically for pipe and drain cleaning tasks. They propel themselves into sewer pipes and blast water at high pressure to clear clogs and buildup. There are several types to choose from, each suitable for different applications - a forward jet nozzle for cutting through clogs or a reverse jet nozzle for pulling debris back. It's important to make sure sewer nozzle is compatible with your high pressure washer, and consider your specific sewer or pipe cleaning needs.

When planning to purchase accessories for your high pressure washer, there are several factors to consider. These considerations include:

Buying guide considerations

Budget considerations

Before investing in pressure washer accessories, it’s important to have a budget. Since price ranges can vary widely, it's crucial to differentiate between basic accessories and optional more luxurious ones. While quality should never be sacrificed for cost, consider this balance carefully.

Compatibility with your pressure washer model

It is crucial to confirm the compatibility of accessories with your pressure washer. While some accessories are designed for specific brand models, others have a universal design, makes them suitable for different pressure washers. Improper matching can lead to inefficient cleaning, damage to accessories or equipment, and even safety risks. So, remember to double check accessories details or consult the seller or manufacturer to make sure you make the right choice.

Brand reputation and customer testimonials

Trusted brands with proven records of quality and customer satisfaction are generally safer bets, such as BISON. Also, pay attention to customer testimonials and reviews before purchasing.

Purpose and Versatility

What do your customers plan to use the pressure washer for? Regular home maintenance, professional services or something else? Different tasks may require different accessories, so consider your specific needs and the versatility of the accessories.

Quality and lifespan

Of course, product quality and longevity should indeed be important considerations for you. Tough, durable materials usually guarantee longer life and better performance. However, remember to also check the warranty offered as it can give you extra peace of mind. BISON provides 1-year warranty service.

Safety aspects

Pressure washers and their accessories are powerful tools that require careful handling. Always give priority to accessories with built-in safety attributes and compliance with any applicable safety specifications.

In addition to these, there are some considerations:

  • Easy to install and use: Choose accessories that are easy to install and use. A complicated installation process or cumbersome use may reduce the overall efficiency of your pressure washer.

  • Maintenance requirements: Understand the maintenance requirements for accessories. Over time, some may require frequent cleaning or parts replacement. Choose accessories with manageable and cost-effective maintenance needs.

  • Impact on the environment: Consider the environmental impact of pressure washer accessories. Some may be designed to minimize water usage or be designed with environmentally friendly materials. These features can reduce your overall environmental footprint.

In conclusion, selecting appropriate accessories for your pressure washer can bolster its effectiveness and adaptability, elevating it beyond a basic cleaning apparatus to become a potent multi-functional machine. Comprehending the type, power rating, brand, and model of high pressure washer is an essential preliminary step in picking appropriate accessories. Each additional item, from pressure washer pumps and hoses to pressure washer surface cleaners, provides distinct advantages and broadens the scope of your cleaning proficiency.

Investing in high pressure washer accessories can provide a higher level of performance for high pressure cleaning tasks. For a better experience, it is recommended to use BISON pressure washer accessories, which has a series of accessories to suit every need. Our accessories are easy to install and use, with very good compatibility and durability.

Browse our extensive selection of BISON pressure washer accessories and upgrade your cleaning capabilities today!

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