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BISON petrol pressure washer

As a China petrol washer manufacturer, BISON has more than 50 different models of washing machines to choose from. We support customization and can create the perfect machine for your specific application. We provide high-quality components for our petrol-powered washers, such as trigger guns, nozzles, quick couplings and hose assemblies. The design of accessories for high-pressure washers fully considers the needs of commercial and industrial cleaning professionals.

BISON, Professional global manufacturer of petrol pressure washers.

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Axial petrol pressure washer

Axial petrol pressure washer specification

Engine Power: 6.5HP 7HP
Power supply: gasoline gasoline
Engine model: 168F 170F
Speed: 3400 RMP 3400 RMP
Working pressure: 150-170Bar/2200- 2500 psi 180-200Bar/2600-2900psi
Flow: 9LPM 9LPM
Start System: Recoil Start Recoil Start
Pump modle: BSP170 Axial pump BSP180 Axial pump
Pump head: Aluminum Brass
G.W.(kg): 31.5/32/35/29/35/32.5/36/37 32.5/33/36/30/36/3.5/37/39
Dimension(mm) 560*475*535 650*410*520 620*450*535 560*540*635 830*420*465 530*530*535 620*440*530 830*440*535 560*475*535 650*410*520 620*450*535 560*540*635 830*420*465 530*530*535 620*440*530 830*440*535
20FT(Set) 192/200/180/132/195/176/180/140 192/200/180/132/195/176/180/140
40HQ(Set) 500/525/475/352/468/440/475/350 500/525/475/352/468/440/475/350

triplex petrol pressure washer

triplex petrol pressure washer specification

Engine Power: 7HP 7HP 9HP 9HP 13HP 13HP
Power supply: gasoline gasoline gasoline gasoline gasoline gasoline
Engine model: 170F 170F 177F 177F 188F 188F
Speed: 3400 RMP 3400 RMP 3400 RMP 3400 RMP 3400 RMP 3400 RMP
Working pressure: 150Bar/2200psi 150Bar/2200psi 200Bar/2900psi 200Bar/2900psi 250Bar/3600psi 250Bar/3600psi
Flow: 12.6LPM 12.6LPM 15LPM 15LPM 15LPM 15LPM
Start System: Recoil Start Recoil Start Recoil Start Recoil Start Recoil Start/Electric Start Recoil Start/Electric Start
Pump modle: PG200 triplex plunger pump PG200 triplex plunger pump PG200 triplex plunger pump PG200 triplex plunger pump PG250 triplex plunger pump PG250 triplex plunger pump
Pump head: Brass Brass Brass Brass Brass Brass
G.W.(kg): 36kg 41kg 50kg 62.5kg 58kg 73kg
Dimension(mm) 620*410*465mm 630*440*535mm 760*580*620mm 770*530*620mm 760*580*620mm 770*530*620mm
20FT(Set) 255 180 90 90 90 99
40HQ(Set) 530 475 240 264 240 240

Happy Client's

Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, the greatest happiness

  • " Thanks to the manufacturer BISON for an excellent gas high pressure washer. It is a powerful washing machine that can withstand high pressure and long hours of work. In addition to this, the model is also very portable and can be easily dragged for ease of use. "

    - Saurabh Kumar


  • " This BISON petrol pressure washer is very powerful and practical, it is suitable for many cleaning projects, and the machine comes with a well-designed 6L Soap bottle that can be used to lather soap and easily remove stubborn dirt and stains. It is an exclusive style of BISON. "

    - Sabrina Struller


  • " As the best commercial pressure washer, BISON's G150A is hard to beat in power and price. Featuring a 3600PSI and 4.0 GPM, high quality 420cc BISON engine, and a proven triplex plunger pump. Optimum power to meet the requirements of most professionals, highly recommended purchase! "

    - Manpreet Kaur


  • " The BISON pressure washer features a heavy-duty welded steel structural frame and 10-inch solid tires for improved stability; our engineers also appreciate its durable construction. It's not lightweight, but thanks to its 10-inch wheels, users can use it outdoors and easily move it to where they need it. "

    - Rogerio Padovani


frequently asked questions

Are petrol pressure washers better?

If you are looking for pressure washer for commercial or industrial purposes, then this is the best choice. Gasoline pressure washers can deliver 5,000 PSI, making them suitable for more intensive cleaning.

How do I test a petrol pressure washer?

To avoid damaging the cleaning surface, test the gas pressure washer on the pavement or some kind of wood. That way, you can determine the strength of the flow.

What is the purpose of a petrol pressure washer?

Using air pressure washer

Petrol pressure washers are used for outside deep-cleaning. Due to their high power output, they are very effective at removing heavy dirt and stubborn stains.

Using pressure washer, customers can quickly and safely remove mud, paint flakes, oil, leaves, cob mesh and other unwanted debris from:

  • Exterior Walls, Stucco, Brick and Siding

  • garage floor

  • Lane

  • patios and walkways

  • deck

  • railing

  • outdoor furniture

  • Windows and Frames

  • gutter

  • Tools, Vehicles and Equipment

  • Trees and shrubs (old branches, leaves, moss and cobwebs)

How long shall we run petrol pressure washer?

It all depends on the unit you're using. In general, a unit with professional equipment will last longer, why because it is meant to use for heavy-duty/commercial cleaning purpose. BISON experts advise that if a normal household pressure washer is used for a long time without rest, the machine will overheat and may cause other problems. If you try to do this, the device may overheat and be damaged. The best way to run a washer is to use it for about 3 - 5 minutes (duty cycle) and give a break to cool off and restart it..

Is it good to start petrol pressure washer without water?

Is it okay to start petrol pressure washer without water?

Yes, you can start petrol pressure washer without water. The operation of petrol engines does not require water.

To start petrol engine without water, first check for any leaks around the carburetor and fuel lines. If there are no leaks, you can go ahead and start it.

Shall I empty the fuel tank before keeping petrol pressure washer away?

I recommend emptying the tank before storing the pressure washer. Doing this will help prevent any deposits from building up in the tank and ultimately prevent your pressure washer from starting.

How to properly store a petrol pressure washer?

You have to drain the gas and run it dry before storing petrol pressure washer. The pump should have an anti-freeze and let it sit inside pressure washer while storing. This not only protects petrol pressure washer from freezing in winter but also protect the pump from water corrosion.

Also, be sure to disconnect the hose from the petrol pressure washer before starting the cleaning task. It is a must to wipe down all its parts before storage. Store the product in a cool and ventilated place away from direct sunlight. If kept in place with high humidity levels, then petrol pressure washer may expose to corrosion and mold.

How long does petrol pressure washer will last?

Depending on its quality and maintenance, petrol pressure washer can last for 300 – 3000 hours. So, to enhance its lifespan, you have to purchase the best quality machine, use it properly and should spend some time on its care & maintenance.

What type of gasoline has to be used on a petrol pressure washer?

The type of unit you are using will determine what type of gasoline you have to use in it. Most petrol pressure washers work well with standard gasoline, a few others need a two-cycle mix, whereas a few limited models may run on the mixture of gasoline and oil.

So, we suggest you to check the user manual of pressure washer to know about the exact information on what type of gas to be used in the device. In case, if you use any wrong type of fuel, then it damages your engine and the whole machine as well.

How to pick the petrol pressure washers based on terrain?

Where you intend to use and how accessible the terrain is are important to consider before choosing a petrol pressure washer. Most models have a small gap to the ground. They cannot handle rough terrains. On the other hand, some models come with the welded frames that defend the pump and engine. They are equipped with large wheels that allow them to traverse all terrains.

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Purchasing Petrol Pressure Washers

How to choose the perfect petrol-powered high pressure washers?

At present, the market is flooded with a wide variety of China petrol pressure washer types. So are you also confused about choosing high pressure washers?

petrol pressure washer application

Petrol high pressure washers completely rely on petrol as its main power source, in terms of its design, can be configured with different pressure guns and spare nozzle, and equipped with different tire sizes and rack styles. Therefore, most suppliers liking manufacturing petrol pressure washers in different styles to cater to different market preferences. At the same time, there are other factors not mentioned in the beginning, together affect the variety of petrol cleaning machine styles.

So please read on and you'll learn more about some of the things to consider when purchasing a petrol pressure washer, including understanding its pros and cons, styles, and a guide to choosing the best petrol pressure washer etc.

How do BISON petrol pressure washers work?

Think of petrol pressure washer as advanced and powerful hose sprayer.

The working principle of petrol pressure washer is simple. You connect the water hose/pipe to the inlet. The internal combustion engine drives a pump, which accelerates the flow of water. The water is then compressed (increasing its pressure) and expelled through a very small nozzle.

Advantages of petrol pressure washer:

  • No power needed

  • Can be used frequently

  • Longer service life

  • Greater motivation and pressure

  • It takes less time and effort to clean a larger area

Disadvantages of petrol high pressure washer:

  • Heavier and noisier

  • Exhaust gas fumes only in ventilated areas

  • Need more maintenance

Petrol pressure washers sizes guide

light medium heavyduty petrol pressure washer.jpg

BISON Pressure washers can be graded from light duty to heavy duty. Choosing the right type of petrol pressure washers for your customers is crucial.

Pressure washers typelight duty
medium dutyheavy duty
PSI1300 - 19002000 - 29002800 - 4000
CU(Cleaning Units)2000 - 57506240 - 972010080 - 16000
Applicationsimple cleaningmedium cleaningdaily cleaning

Light duty petrol pressure washer

With a PSI range between 1300 and 1900 PSI at 2gpm, it's best for smaller, more delicate jobs around the house. Ideal for cleaning cars, patio furniture and grills.

Use our small petrol pressure washer to clean your car, outdoor furniture and outdoor areas. Use our medium-sized petrol high-pressure washers to treat garage floors, decks, driveways and house siding.

light duty petrol pressure washer

Medium duty petrol pressure washer

With a PSI range between 2000 and 2800 PSI at 2-3 GPM, medium-sized petrol pressure washers can handle a lot of work without pulling a fortune out of your customers' wallets, use our medium-sized petrol high-pressure washers to treat garage floors, decks, driveways and house siding.

medium duty petrol pressure washer

Heavy duty petrol pressure washer

With a PSI range of 2800-4000, 3-4 GPM, with a more powerful and durable engine and pump for everyday use. Use our fearless commercial gasoline pressure washer to remove the most stubborn stains, remove paint and remove rust or graffiti.

heavy duty petrol pressure washer

What petrol high-pressure washer features should I look for?

petrol pressure washer usage

After confirming whether it is light or medium-sized petrol high pressure washers, importers should pay attention to some features before purchasing a BISON petrol pressure washers:

Engine capacity

Final power output is determined by engine capacity and pump type. The more the engine puts out, the higher the pressure can be and the ability to increase it further.

Pump type

Not all pumps provide the same output. Also, the brand and manufacture of the pump is just as important as the design. Choose a pump that has a long run time and can be serviced.


Not all petrol washers are easy to move. Although most come with wheels, it is recommended to try to choose those with large solid wheels and a sturdy base.

Frame structure

The BISON Washer adopts more powerful wheelbarrow stance to make more room for a larger engine and pump. The frame is welded steel and shall contain vibration isolators engine mounts.

For more specific product features of the BISON petrol high pressure washes, please click the relevant link for specifications.

Do I need accessories for petrol pressure washer?

Buyers are recommended to consider purchasing some accessories to supplement the petrol pressure washer. They will make users more efficient and get their work done more easily. For example, there are specially designed nozzles that control the strength of the water coming out. With them, customers can adjust the process to each specific job.

Nozzle of petrol pressure washer

BISON petrol pressure cleaners usually come with five colour coded nozzles.

The nozzles are color-coded to ensure that the user works with the correct nozzle without damaging the underlying surface.

  • Nozzle color indicates the Angle of the water or the size of the spray fan.

  • The larger the Angle or size of the spray fan, the less powerful the spray.

  • Focus Angle or spray fan for a very powerful cleaning solution.

The different color nozzles are coded as follows:

pressure washer nozzles

  • Black -- 65 degree jet Angle. Used in soap or chemical applications. After applying soap or chemicals to the area, use a different color nozzle for a deep cleaning.

  • White -- 40 degrees spray Angle. Apply to softer surfaces.

  • Green -- 25 degree spray Angle for garden furniture etc. Purchasing a new high pressure washer may not include a green nozzle.

  • Yellow -- 15 degree jet Angle for very powerful jet. Suitable for oil stains and paint removal.

  • Red -- 0 degree jet Angle for the most powerful jet. This setting marks concrete, so be sure to test in very careful areas.

Petrol-washer nozzles do wear out over time, but thankfully, they're easy and cheap to replace, making them ideal for selling to customers.


This is BISON's brush for cleaning delicate surfaces, as well as gently removing heavy dirt, ideal for home and professional users.

Extension rod allows easy access to heights

For a two- or three-story home, a pressure washer extension pole is the perfect tool. It attaches to your pressure washer so you can reach those hard-to-reach places.

Bevel bar used for cleaning gutters, etc

You can use bevel bar to blow away debris that has built up in the gutters.

Surface cleaner with rotating nozzle for more efficient lane cleaning

Surface cleaner is ideal for sidewalks and driveways for quick and easy cleaning of large outdoor surfaces.

pressure washer spare parts

Petrol pressure washers are versatile and mobile. It does the heavy lifting typical of home improvement jobs in a fraction of the time like a brush and hose. It requires far less effort. And it uses less water.

Good petrol pressure washers can increase the value of the user's house with the least investment and has a broad market prospect.

Tips on using a BISON petrol pressure washer

Please remind purchasing customers to ensure proper storage of the air pressure washer. Even if the machine is weather resistant, it is wise to keep it in a dry and dark place. In this way, threats can be avoided and the overall lifespan of the petrol washer can be extended.

Garden hoses and water filters must be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and debris and help them function properly.

Always use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer for the engine of a petrol pressure washer.

There should be a sufficient amount of oil to run the pump, and the color of the engine oil must be checked to see if the oil must be changed or the oil in the engine must be refilled.

BISON pressure washer equipped with a petrol engine is completely independent of any available power source. With its powerful BISON engine, it can meet almost any of your cleaning challenges. Our products are designed and manufactured under high-quality standards, allowing them to last longer than others.

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