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500 - 1100 mm trower diameter

BISON power trowel

There are many different types of jobs in the construction industry. In all of these, having the right machine is a must to get good results and save money and time. Power trowels are one of the basic tools used in the construction industry.

BISON, Professional global manufacturer of power trowels.

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walk-behind power trowel

walk-behind power trowel specification

Model BS-S60H/R/D BS-S80H/R/D BS-S100H/R/D BS-S120H/R/D
Engine Petrol, Honda GX160
Petrol, Robin EY20
Diesel BS170F
Petrol, Honda GX160
Petrol, Robin EY20
Diesel BS170F
Petrol, Honda GX160
Petrol, Robin EY20
Diesel BS170F
Petrol, Honda GX270
Petrol, Robin EY28
Diesel BS178F
Type of Combustion Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke
Trower diameter 570mm 740mm 1140mm 1140mm
Speed range 60-100(r/min) 60-100(r/min) 60-100(r/min) 60-100(r/min)
Pitch range 0-15° 0-15° 0-15° 0-15°
Operating weight 56kg 75kg 80kg 100kg
Shipping size(package size) 870x660x740mm 1020x860x750mm 1020x1020x750mm 1250x1250x850mm

ride-on power trowel

Ride-On Power Trowel specification

Model BS-TS80D BS-TS100H
Engine Petrol, DH420 Petrol,Honda GX690
Weight 270kg 350kg
Rotor Diameter 740mm 910mm
Working Diameter ≧1600mm ≧1950mm
Working Efficiency 0-125rpm/min 0-180rpm/min
Working Speed 280-380m2/h 300-400m2/h
Blade Diameter 265x150x2mm 355x150x2mm
Dimension 1620x910x1320mm 1960x1010x1260mm

power trowels Purchased by Other Types

Happy Client's

Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, the greatest happiness

  • " The design and performance go hand in hand with BISON power trowel, is the ideal choice for trimming large and medium areas. When the blade turns, the dynamically balanced erasers make the operation effortless. Powered by a 5.5 HP motor equipped with four blades, the concrete finishes are easily finished. It is highly recommended to be included as an option on the import list. "

    - Osman Hamza


  • " BISON 4-blade power trowel is a powerful machine with a high-quality, reliable transmission and engine to ensure smooth operation. The bevel edge of the floating disc prevents digging into the concrete, which makes power trowel longer and more efficient. Overall, very cost-effective! "

    - Hamid Salehzadeh


  • " It is a great surprise that we can purchase this batch of power trowel at such a good price. It has unexpectedly superior quality, good stability and low maintenance, which can help customers complete their work easily and economically in a short time. It is the most popular medium-sized power trowel in the store. "

    - Alberto Mancilla


frequently asked questions

How long should I wait before using power trowel on concrete?

All water must be removed from the concrete before the shovel can be moved. Depending on the weather, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. After that, you can remove power trowel and put the finishing touches on it.

When to use walk-behind power trowel?

The walk-behind power trowel is ideal for jobs less than 5,000 square feet. Sincewalk-behind power trowels are smaller than ride-on power trowels, they're also better for use in tight spaces. walk-behind power trowels are especially useful for flattening concrete around columns, pipes, doors, and other obstacles. They are a great choice for working on residential basements, floors and small business projects.

When to use riding on power trowel?

"Riding on power trowels the best option for commercial work. It can be four to five times faster than walk-behind model. Riding on power trowelss also have more horsepower and better contact pressure. With these features, riding on power trowel is best for commercial work."

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Power Trowel Wholesale Guide

There are many different types of jobs in the construction industry. In all of these, having the right machine is a must to get good results and save money and time. Power trowels are one of the basic tools used in the construction industry.

Power trowels level concrete by floating and trimming. Concrete power float selection process can be confusing because there are a variety of hand-push trowels to choose and so many models from different brands on the market. You can choose the best concrete power trowel for your import project through comprehensive consideration combined with the purchase guide given by BISON.

What is power trowel?

Power trowel (also known as a "power float" and a "trowel machine") is light construction equipment used by construction companies and contractors to smooth concrete surfaces. 

Power trowel is a machine for obtaining a smooth, dense and level surface on flat areas of concrete or cement.

Power trowel mainly contains other components such as engine, gearbox, blades, handle, etc. The concrete surface is polished and smoothed by the rotating motion of the bottom propeller. By placing the engine at the center of gravity of the blades or propellers, it provides greater stability and balance.

How does power trowel work?

Power trowel works on a concrete surface. It compresses the top layer and closes vents, allowing water and moisture in the concrete to rise to the surface and evaporate.

power trowel is polishing cement.jpg

Why is power trowel highly recommended for investment?

By now, you've probably heard other contractors and even larger businesses extol the many benefits of polishing concrete with an electric trowel. But how true is what you hear?

In fact, quite a lot. Power trowel can significantly reduce labor and tooling costs, the finish it produces is very fine, you don't need to add another layer of finish screed material.

At the same time, it speeds up projects, finishers using hand-held trowel can complete 300 to 1,000 square feet per day, while using power trowel they can complete 1,000 to 3,000 square feet per day. Allowing contractors to cover more areas and handle larger jobs they may have to give up. This is great news for your power trowel project, isn't it?

Additionally, trowel polishing is a wet process that eliminates the risks posed by airborne silica.

Meanwhile, it can prevent concrete from bending, can repair small defects and increase the density of the surface.

Types of Power trowel

According to their different operation modes, BISON power trowels are divided into two main types.

walk-behind power trowel

walk-behind - It is very simple to operate this push-back rag because it is similar to a floor buffer. If you pull the handle, the machine moves to the left. Therefore, when you press the handle, it will move to the right. Walk-behind power trowel is used by the operator walking behind the machine.

Walk-behind power trowels are great for troweling concrete in small areas or close to posts, doors, walls, posts or walls because they are very lightweight and easy to manage. Any area that is difficult to access with a riding trowel.

  • Edger power trowel

Their working diameter is between 60 cm and 80 cm (24" -30") .

24 inch diameter power trowel: Ideal for trimming on pipes, edges and small doorways

30 inch diameter power trowel: Versatile, provides great coverage, but is compact enough to go through doorways

  • Helicopter power trowel

Their working diameter is between 90 cm and 120 cm ( 36" -48").

36-inch electric trowel: suitable for small and medium-sized floor work in general family homes.

46 - 48 inch power trowel: Large coverage, medium to large dump, all floor types.

bison helicopter power trowel.jpg

Ride-on power trowel

BISON ride on power trowel is a type that guided by an operator sitting on the machine, and the movement of the power trowel is controlled by two joysticks. It allows covering larger surfaces, such as those of industrial buildings. This machine has two sets of blades, one on each side, to speed up the process of tackling larger surfaces.

In the double-edged trowel subcategory, there are also two types:

Trowels with overlapping blades (their blades do not cross). Trowels that do not overlap, i.e. the blades cross each other.

Dual 36" diameter overlap: The easiest-to-control machine, ideal for finishing small to medium floors

Dual 46" diameter overlap/non-overlap: medium to large pours; overlap machines cannot be used with float pans

Dual 60" diameter non-overlap: Large area; provides highest FF Number (flattest Finish); Counter-Rotating Machine Allows Forward Movement Along Edges and Reduces Overlap Effects.

ride on power trowel.jpg

If you're still not sure which power trowel to choose, don't worry. This is completely normal. There are so many power trowels on the market that it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. The following factors can be further considered.

Blade diameter and type

Choose the right blade diameter according to the job application, for example, for small surface jobs, the optimal blade diameter size should be between 60 and 65 cm.

Various trowels have special features to control blade spacing. Some have rotary pitch control knobs that increase or decrease blade pitch. There are four types of electric trowel blades. BISON trowel blades come in four types:

  1. Floating leaves; used to level small bumps and ridges on the first pass. The blade usually slides over the finishing blade,

  2. Complete the blade; made of plastic or steel. Polishing blades are used after flotation to smooth and burn floor surfaces.

  3. Combination blade; consists of a combination of floating blade and finishing blade. They can be used continuously during floating and finishing without modification.

  4. Floating discs; use floating discs instead of floating blades during the first pass.

Blade diameter type.jpg

Blade mounting system

The blade mounting system varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Even so, blades from different manufacturers can sometimes be interchanged. Some blades are clamped on, some are directly bolted to the trowel arm. BISON adopts a special design to facilitate the replacement of the blade, which only takes a few seconds or minutes.

Power type options

Depending on the needs of the project, we can also distinguish between electric and gasoline powered trowel.

Gasoline engines are the most common, they make leveling concrete easier because they are more powerful and don't require cables, and gasoline engine powered trowel provides greater mobility. Of course, BISON also has electric motor power trowels as an option when the internal combustion engine cannot be used for certain requirements, like exhaust gas can be a problem in enclosed areas. The less commonly used electric motors do not produce harmful air pollution. 

They usually have a variety of horsepower to choose from. More power in a machine means that work can be done more efficiently and faster. If the power is insufficient, the quality of polish will be affected. but keep in mind that this may increase your costs.


A gearbox made of high-strength steel shafts will be the best. Sometimes, the gearbox can also be made of aluminum and cast iron. In any case, durable materials are always preferable.


Considering that the weight of walk-behind power trowels and ride on power  trowels plays a very important role in transporting the facility to the workplace, users often assume that transporting dual-riding trowels to the workplace will be complicated.

Weight affects mobility. In other words, when we use power trowel, the harder it is to move power trowel, the worse power  trowel is. If the machine is heavy, it will be difficult to move it, while if it is light, the work will be done easily and quickly.


Common sizes of power trowels are 24, 30, 34, 36, 40, 42 and 46 inches

  • 24 inch (600 mm) diameter trowel: When you plan to trim narrow places such as pipes, corners, etc., a 24-inch trowel is suitable.

  • 36-inch (910 mm) diameter trowel: it is suitable for all types of ground. It is most suitable for small or medium-sized workplaces.

  • 46-inch (1160 mm) diameter trowel: Just like a 36-inch diameter trowel, it is suitable for all types of ground. It is usually used for medium and large projects.

Other optional functions

For walk-behind power trowel, Other features to look for include easy-to-use trowel blades, quick blade spacing adjustment, height-adjustable handle, ergonomic throttle control and optimal balance for smoother trimming. 

Variable-speed power trowels are very suitable for improving the surface finish of terrazzo and epoxy mortar floors. And allow the operator to adjust the speed of the trowel to match the consistency of the mortar.

besides the size, ride on power trowel also needs to check the weight to power ratio of the machine, the drive system, the convenience of pitch control and the accessibility of the blade. Look at the weight to power ratio of the machine, drive system, ease of pitch control and blade accessibility. A front and rear lighting system for the rider for better visibility in dark work areas. There is also a spray system to prevent the concrete from drying out too quickly. On some machines, many of these functions are standard.

Precautions when using power trowels:

Of course, precautions need to be taken to avoid potential accidents when using power trowels. These safety measures mainly focus on wearing good personal protective equipment:

Earmuffs protect us from noise.

Footwear with non-slip soles.


Gloves to prevent collision with objects that may be projected by propeller action.

Maintain and use rules

  • Maintenance or cleaning tasks must be performed with the machine turned off.

  • Contact an authorized, qualified person if the machine needs maintenance.

  • Remove any stains or oil or fuel spillage from the machine before starting it.

  • Do not touch engine parts while the engine is running.

  • Remove cables from the work area.

  • Never turn on a machine when it's alone.

  • Fuel up while the engine cools and shuts down.

  • Store the machine in a covered area and away from transport.

Power trowels are an essential tool in the construction industry when we are looking to smooth concrete surfaces. With so many brands and models, the choice is more complicated. If you are still in doubt about which one to choose, please contact BISON for advice. Or if you would like to ask us any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service.

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