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OEM concrete saw manufacturer&supplier in China

300 - 500 mm disc diameter

BISON concrete saw

Concrete saw is a powerful tool that uses a diamond blade to cut various construction materials such as concrete, brick, asphalt, stone, tile and masonry.

BISON, Professional global manufacturer of concrete saws.

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concrete saw

concrete saw specification

Model BS-Q300H/R/S/D BS-Q350H/R/S/D BS-Q450H/S/D BS-Q480H/S/D BS-Q400H/R/D
Engine Petrol, Honda GX160
Petrol, Robin EY20
Petrol, Subaru EX17
Diesel, BS170F
Petrol, Honda GX160
Petrol, Robin EY20
Petrol, Subaru EX17
Diesel, BS170F
Petrol, Honda GX390
Petrol, Subaru EX40
Diesel, BS186FA
Petrol, Honda GX390
Petrol, Subaru EX40
Diesel, BS186FA
Petrol, Honda GX270
Petrol, Honda GX390
Petrol, Robin EY28
Diesel, BS170F, Diesel, BS186FA
Type of Combustion Air-cooled,single cylinder,4-stroke Air-cooled,single cylinder,4-stroke Air-cooled,single cylinder,4-stroke Air-cooled,single cylinder,4-stroke Air-cooled,single cylinder,4-stroke
Depth adjustment Handle rotation
Driving Manual push
Starting system Recoil/Electric start
Disc diameter(Options) 300mm;350mm 300mm;350mm 350mm;400mm;450mm;500mm 350mm;400mm;450mm;500mm 350mm;400mm;450mm
Max.Cutting depth 8cm 8cm 14.5cm 15cm 12.5cm
Operating weight  64kg 64kg 116kg 130kg 117kg
Shipping size(package size) 910x500x860mm 910x500x860mm 930x610x1100mm 930x610x1200mm 930x610x1000mm

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  • " Powerful and durable, BISON concrete saw sets it apart from other walk-behind tools by its rather small size and the availability of a changeable blade position. Concrete saws designed for light and medium duty tasks in tight spaces. Buyers are allowed to make cuts as close as possible to building walls or curbs. "

    - Asmail Rahimi


  • " Among all the concrete saws imported in the past, BISON concrete saws can be called the best supplier, because of the high mechanical durability and good wet cutting ability, making it a good selling point. At the same time, BISON concrete saws basically do not require any maintenance, and there are few after-sales services, so you can purchase in bulk with confidence. "

    - Sawood Ahmed


  • " It must be mentioned that BISON concrete saw not only has a powerful engine, but also has a blade with strong tensile strength. Powerful yet compact self-propelled gas floor saw, perfect for cutting asphalt and concrete, definitely the best choice for most importers to source quality concrete saws! "

    - Iwona Szymanska


frequently asked questions

What is the best concrete saw?

Concrete saws are designed to cut concrete, a hard material that is difficult to cut. If you're cutting a lot of concrete, or you need to cut quickly and accurately, you're going to need the best concrete saw.

The best concrete saws have a high RPM, or RPM, so they can cut concrete quickly and accurately to get the job done faster.

It should also be ergonomically designed so it won't hurt your hands during prolonged use.

How often do concrete saw blades need to be replaced?

Concrete saws are very powerful tools, but they also require regular maintenance. When it comes to concrete saw blades, it's important to remember that not all saw blades are created equal.

Masonry blades are inexpensive and usually need to be replaced after 1-2 hours of continuous use. Diamond saw blades last longer. However, quality is essential. Cheap diamond blades only last about 12 hours, while high-quality ones can last up to 10 times as long.

How deep can concrete saw cut?

Typically, this depends on the equipment and blade diameter.

Insert diameter is another factor that affects depth of cut. The larger the blade diameter, the deeper you can go. If you want to cut to greater depths, we recommend diamond or carbide blades on your BISON concrete saw.

What is the best blade for concrete saw?

When cutting concrete, diamond or carbide blades are preferred. These blades are able to withstand the high temperatures created when cutting concrete.

How long can a concrete saw blade last?

It's hard to answer because the blades vary widely, as does the hardness of the concrete. It is estimated that cheap concrete saw blades wear out after a dozen hours of continuous use. The premium version has ten times the battery life, which is usually more than enough to make up the price difference. With a good quality blade, you will generally have less unpleasant vibrations and an easier cut.

How do you know when it's time to replace the blade of your concrete saw?

Concrete saw blades are made of steel and pitting, a process that removes small amounts of metal through an electrochemical reaction. The steel in the blade corrodes when exposed to water and oxygen.

The main reason for blade replacement is wear or damage to the blade. This will manifest as a loss of cut quality and will leave debris on the surface of the slab.

If you have any doubts about whether the blade should be replaced, do so now. Otherwise, here are some signs to help you decide when to replace the blade:

  • - Concrete saw gets stuck during operation

  • - Concrete saws make a lot of noise when operating

  • - Vibration when using a concrete saw

What kind of saw do I need to cut concrete?

When it comes to concrete, you can cut it using many different methods. If you're looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to cut large volumes of concrete, you can use a circular saw with a diamond blade. However, if you need to make precise cuts, this is not the best choice.

A circular saw with matching diamond blades is the best solution for working with concrete. Depending on the scope of work, you can choose between hand-held or hand-push tools. A handheld circular saw is useful if you plan to cut or tear large blocks of concrete. Push saws are better for smaller projects, such as cutting doorways and windows in walls or floors.

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Looking for the best concrete saw? You have come to the right place!

Concrete saw is a powerful tool that uses a diamond blade to cut various construction materials such as concrete, brick, asphalt, stone, tile and masonry. The choice of concrete saws may be wider than you might expect, ranging from unpowered hand held saws to walk-behind concrete saws with high-performance gas motors. Importing a quality concrete saw can still be a daunting challenge, in which case you need to be thoughtful and picky about the size, shape, and type of blades used on your concrete saw, and so on, let's read on to find what fits your project needs best concrete cutting saw now!

A man pushes floor saw to cut concrete.jpg

What is concrete saw ?

Also called concrete floor saw, concrete saw is basically a power tool for cutting hard materials used in construction. It uses a super strong diamond blade that retains its sharpness over time.

Why do you need concrete saw?

When pouring concrete, it is best to cut expansion joints in the concrete. These allow the concrete slab to crack soon after it has been poured and set.

Advantages and disadvantages of concrete saw


Provide high quality work - Concrete saws can provide accurate cuts when the correct cut is selected.

Fast - Concrete saws often have powerful motors and high RPM speeds that make the blades run very fast. Therefore, choosing Concrete saw can help complete the job in a timely manner.

Dust Free - Some concrete saws come with a dust vent (dry cutting) and some have a water hose that allows water to flow over the blade (wet cutting). Either way, it will be dust-free.


Potentially dangerous - Can be dangerous if used without any safety precautions. For example, if there is no safety device near the blade, it is possible for sparks to splash on the skin or eyes.

Expensive - While some models are affordable, more expensive models add safety features and more features that make sawing a breeze. However, this means that you will have to pay some extra fees.

Concrete saws come in many different varieties. The best concrete floor cutting saw apart from needing to be the kind that suits the scale of the project the client is working on and the amount of time they want to spend on the job. There are a few more things to keep in mind when it comes to importing the best concrete cutting saws.

Types of concrete saw: 

Specifically, there are two types of concrete saws in the market, one is a hand-push concrete saw and the other is a hand-held concrete saw.

  • Handheld concrete saw

Handheld concrete saws, they tend to look like chainsaws, and they can have round blades similar to table saws.

In most cases, hand-held concrete saws are designed to cut workpieces horizontally and are also very portable and lightweight. Convenient for small jobs in tight spaces. This way, customers can easily manipulate it while working on the item.

  • Hand push concrete saw / walk behind concrete cutter

Also called walk behind concrete saw, walk-behind concrete saws are the best choice for those demanding projects. Mostly used for road maintenance and construction. These units are equipped with powerful engines, mainly powered by diesel and gasoline engines. Able to handle those demanding projects. Some of these units are so heavy that they cannot be carried around in the workspace.

Walk-behind concrete saw would be the right choice if the customer is using it for demanding and long-term projects.

walk behind concrete saw with water tank.jpg

Of course, according to the different driving power, concrete saws can be divided into pneumatic concrete saws and electric concrete saws.

  • Gas-powered concrete saw

These saws generate a lot of smoke and exhaust. So the most common use is for outdoor work. Gas-powered concrete saws can run on gasoline or diesel. Due to the high power of air saws, many construction sites prefer gas powered models.

  • Electric concrete saw

If the user needs to work indoors, then the electric concrete saw will be the best choice. It uses electricity to drive the blades and has a range of different power settings.

At the same time, concrete saws require powerful engines and blades with strong tensile strength.

Engine output

 Small walk behind concrete saws are typically less than 13 horsepower. 13-35 hp for medium saws and 35 hp and above for large saws. BISON mainly offers small walk behind concrete saws of less than 13 hp, suitable for residential projects and those who are more focused on transport than workhorse.

Disc blade

Blade Type: 

Do you need a corundum masonry blade or a diamond blade? Corundum masonry blades are best for short, shallow cuts, about an inch deep. But these blades are prone to wear and tear and need to be replaced more frequently. 

Diamond blades are ideal for deep and long cuts and can be used for both wet and dry sawing. Because diamond blades are composed of metal and diamond, they cut concrete more efficiently.

Blade Size: 

Concrete saws come in a wide range of sizes. The size of the saw blade you need is usually closely related to the size of the blade you need (usually depending on the project). walk behind concrete saws range in weight from 60 pounds to over 1,500 pounds. Small and medium saws are suitable for cutting driveways, industrial floors, etc. Large saws are best for roads, parking lots, airport work and more. A heavier saw will also ensure your blade stays straight, so keep that in mind when choosing a saw, don't just choose a lighter weight saw for convenience.

Blade cutting depth: 

Different project types may encounter different depths, find a maximum depth of cut that is large enough for the project. Most concrete cutting saws also have the ability to control the depth of cut, and some even have a depth of cut indicator.

Blade Diameter: Many BISONwalk behind concrete s saws allow for blade switching and a variety of blade sizes are available.

concrete saw disc.jpg


Although the power output of battery powered concrete saws is not as high as gas concrete saws. But even so, they start instantly at the touch of a button, and are very easy to handle, manage and control, and easy to carry around.

Dry or wet cutting

 When it comes to wet cutting versus dry cutting, wet cutting is definitely the first choice. Best of all, it's safer than dry cutting, because concrete dust is very harmful, and during dry cutting, the blade also wears out faster. Meanwhile, almost all walk-behind concrete cutters are wet-cut saws, so most likely the decision has already been made for you.

Safety features

 Any type of concrete saw has some degree of risk factor. It is very necessary to select some safety functions, such as high temperature shutdown, self-lubrication, emergency cut-off switch, maintenance reminder and other functions. Almost all walk-behind concrete saws from BISON have a blade guard. And some OEM walk-behind concrete saws even offer vibration damping, which not only makes operation safer, but also helps maintain a controlled cut.


The price will depend on the type and size you need.

How to clean and maintain concrete saw 

To clean the saw blade with water:

After using the saw, you need to run the blade with water to make sure all the dust has been removed.

Perform daily inspections:

Make sure the nut and set screw are in place. Check that the cutting blade is properly installed and not damaged. If it is damaged, you need to make sure it can be replaced before the next use.

Drive belts, fuel hoses, fuel caps and seals must be checked regularly.

If your concrete saw is getting harder to start or other reasons, it's time to look at spark plugs. If the spark plug is dirty, make sure it is clean. However, if you do have to replace it, you will need to use the one recommended by the manufacturer you purchased from.

Check the air filter as you may experience less power for a while while using the saw. If it does get damaged, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

The most common uses of concrete saw

Concrete saws are most commonly used to cut control and expansion joints into concrete using a diamond blade. This prevents concrete slabs and sidewalks from cracking when expansion and contraction occur during temperature changes. 

Concrete saws can also be used to make holes and openings in panels and ceilings, as well as to install furniture in alcoves. They are also very convenient for dismantling and installing structures made of different materials, correcting defects in construction work, cutting crossbars, facades, foundations and various slopes. Their significant advantage is that they can be used at any height, including close to the floor.

Choosing concrete saw can be a daunting experience. You need to make sure it has all the features you need and if it fits your budget. We hope that through this article, you will be able to find the best cutting machine import.

BISON specializes in providing a variety of options to order your concrete saw

BISON is the industry leader in concrete cutting. Regardless of any other questions you have about the cutting machine, please feel free to send us a message if you wish!

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