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petrol generator

0.8 - 10.0 KW

BISON petrol generator

BISON provides you with a complete list of petrol generator products, including portable petrol generator, quiet petrol generator, small petrol generator, petrol generator for home. Petrol generators can meet power requirements as low as 2.2 kva, 2.5 kva, and up to 500 kva and above. As a Chinese manufacturer and supplier, you can buy or customize the petrol generator you need at a competitive and cheap petrol generator price.

BISON, Professional global manufacturer of petrol generators.

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Small Petrol Generator(0.8kw - 3kw)

Small Petrol Generator specification

ITEM BS950 BS1500 BS2500 BS2800
Frequency(HZ) 50/60
Voltage(V) 110/220/230/380
Max. Power(kva) 0.65 0.9 2.3 2.8
Rated Power(kva) 0.75 1 2 2.5
Power factor(cos) 0.8/1.0
DC Output 12V/8.3A
Model BS1E45F BS156F BS168F-1 BS170F
Output(HP) 2 3 6.5 7
Displacement(cc) 63 93.5 163 196
Starting System Recoil Recoil/Electric
Type 2-Stroke, Air-cooled Single cylinder, Force air-coooled, 4stroke, OHV
Ignition System Non-contact transistorized ignition(T.C.I.)
Fuel Tank (L) 4 9 12
Oil Capacity (L) 0.4 0.6 0.6
Dimension(LXWXH)mm 380*320*320 460*370*370 606*446*445 610*440*440
G.W (kg) 19 29 35 37
Standard Equipment Large capacity fuel tank, large capacity muffler, fuel gauge, voltmeter, AVR, oil alert, AC circuit breaker
20FT(SETS) 730 520 230
40HQ(SETS) 1720 1320 580

Commercial Petrol Generator (3kw - 8kw)

commercial petrol generator specification

ITEM BS3500 BS4500 BS6500 BS7500 BS8500 BS9000 BS9500
Frequency(HZ) 50/60
Voltage(V) 110/220/230/380
Max. Power(kva) 3 3.5 5.5 6.5 7.5 8 9
Rated Power(kva) 2.8 3 5 6 7 7.5 8
Power factor(cos) 0.8/1.0
DC Output 12V/8.3A
Model BS170F BS177F BS188F BS190F BS192F BS192F BS194F
Output(HP) 7 9.0  13 15 18 18 19
Displacement(cc) 210 270 389 420 420 448 489
Starting System Recoil/Electric
Type Single cylinder, Force air-coooled,4stroke,OHV
Ignition System Non-contact transistorized ignition(T.C.I.)
Fuel Tank (L) 12 25
Oil Capacity (L) 0.6 1.1
Dimension(LXWXH)mm 633*443*443 690*530*555 700*530*555 725*530*600
G.W (kg) 37 37 76 78 83 86 89
Standard Equipment Large capacity fuel tank, large capacity muffler, fuel gauge, voltmeter, AVR, oil alert, AC circuit breaker
20FT(SETS) 230 132
40HQ(SETS) 580 272

big petrol generator(8kw +)

Big Petrol Generator specification

ITEM BS11000 BS12000 BS15000
Frequency(HZ) 50/60
Voltage(V) 110/220/230/380
Max. Power(kva) 10 13 17
Rated Power(kva) 9 12 15
Power factor(cos) 0.8/1.0
DC Output 12V/8.3A
Model BS2V78F BS2V80F BS2V90F
Output(HP) 24 25 26
Displacement(cc) 678 713 999
Starting System Electric
Type Double-cylinder,Force air-cooled,4stroke,OHV
Ignition System Non-contact transistorized ignition(T.C.I.)
Fuel Tank (L) 25
Oil Capacity (L) 1.5
Dimension(LXWXH)mm 1050*740*735
G.W (kg) 162 168 210
Standard Equipment Large capacity fuel tank, large capacity muffler, fuel gauge, voltmeter, AVR, oil alert, AC circuit breaker
20FT(SETS) 60
40HQ(SETS) 132

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  • Supply you top quality products with Competitive Prices under the same quality level, different products according to your different market demands.
  • Strictly Control the whole production process and guarantee punctual delivery, Test each of our products one by one before packing to ensure the quality.
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Happy Client's

Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, the greatest happiness

  • " Users really liked the physical aspects of the unit, making it very easy to move and transport. The 900 watts is ideal for handling camp equipment, backup radios and other emergency gear. The engine is easy to start and quieter than expected, which is a plus. "

    - Maria Asunción Alcalde


  • " I am very satisfied with the generator imported by your company. After unpacking it, I connected it to the battery, added fuel and oil, connected the wheels and handle, turned on the fuel switch and choke, and turned the switch on to start the machine. It starts in two seconds. Highly recommend purchasing sales! "

    - Michela Marks


  • " BISON generator is a well-designed product that is simple to use. The manual is clear and has a complete electrical system diagram that users can easily understand. The device appears to be well-constructed, with a sturdy frame and a sturdy folding handle. It starts from the first pull, and starts quickly through the electric starter, simple to operate and easy to start. "

    - Nevy Rosenova


frequently asked questions

How do petrol generators work?

Generator that uses petrol as a fuel to run an engine is called petrol fuel generator. Petrol generator is one of the most commonly used devices for converting the chemical energy of gasoline into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy from the engine is then used to power a moving part called the rotor, which in turn creates a moving magnetic field around a stationary part called the stator. This process creates a voltage difference between the stator windings, which generate electricity to power various electrical appliances.

What size generator will run a house?

To power your home, you need at least 2,000 watts. It really depends on what you need to power. Lights and laptops use relatively little electricity, however, electric water heaters and air conditioners are big consumers of electricity. If you plan to use a China gasoline generator to keep the whole house fully running, you may need 7,000 watts. List the most important appliances, as well as the gadgets and tools you can't live without. This may include refrigerators and electric stoves. Calculate the wattage (amps times the voltage) for each device and add the extra wattage to start the device. This will give you a rough idea of how many watts a gasoline generator needs.

What other generator features do you need?

Below is a short list of other features you may want to consider when wholesale generators. Many of these are essential for some users, but others may not particularly care about them. It depends on your budget and what the generator will be used for in the future.

  • fuel gauge. Many generators have a gauge that allows you to check how much fuel it has left. This is most useful during prolonged power outages, such as those caused by hurricanes.

  • Automatic start. This function automatically turns on the generator when the power is turned off. This is very convenient, but it can be an expensive feature.

  • Alternative fuel capacity. Most generators only use gasoline. For example, some generators can run on gasoline and propane or natural gas lines. Many can be converted using kits, these cost extra.

  • Electric start. Pull engines are not always as effective as you would like them to be. Often, they can be challenging at first, which can be difficult to do in an emergency. Luckily, some options have electric start, which lets you start the machine at the touch of a button.

Is a petrol generator better than a diesel?

Petrol is the fuel of choice for most homeowners who need a generator for emergency or backup. Petrol generators tend to be cheaper than other models, and fuel is readily available most of the time. However, petrol generators require more maintenance and upkeep than other fuel models. Petrol storage is slightly more dangerous than diesel because of its lower flash point temperature. Petrol also has a relatively short shelf life, with most blends beginning to break down or absorb moisture within a month. If you plan to use the generator infrequently, consider adding fuel stabilizer. Petrol is a more efficient fuel than propane or natural gas, but less efficient than diesel.

How long can a petrol generator run uninterrupted?

How long a petrol generator can run uninterrupted depends a lot on the size of the tank and your run time. Some of the best gas generators have 10-gallon tanks that can last nearly a day of use, as long as they don't run at full capacity all the time. Mini petrol generators can provide a few hours of run time because they have about 1 gallon on top of the tank.

How to use petrol generator safely?

Regardless of whether petrol generator you end up purchasing has an automatic shut-off function, please follow the steps below to use generator safely.

  • Never use BISON petrol generators indoors or in enclosed spaces such as garages or basements.

  • Make sure there is 3 to 4 feet of clear space on all sides and above petrol generator to ensure adequate ventilation.

  • Do not use generators anywhere near doors, windows, and vents, which may filter carbon monoxide.

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Petrol Generator Wholesale Guide

Severe weather is becoming more common in many parts of the world. This means that starting a business in petrol generator field is a good option. Check out our guide below for which type of petrol generator to get, as well as some purchasing points.

best petrol generator

Basic functions of petrol generator

First of all, it is the first step and indispensable to have an understanding of the basic functions of petrol generators.

  • The circuit breaker protects the socket against overloading generator.

  • Larger fuel tank for longer run time.

  • An integrated fuel gauge helps prevent power interruptions.

  • Safe Power Supplies for Computers and Other Sensitive Electronic Devices.

  • Foldable handle and wheels for easy portability.

Types of petrol Generators

There are two basic types of small petrol generators manufactured by BISON: portable generator and inverter generator. Many workplaces use portable generators to power air compressors, nail guns, circular saws and other tools. But most are loud, so there are quiet petrol generators, perfect for camping, boating, and other recreational activities. They run quieter than other generators and power lights, heaters, fans, radios, smartphones, and more.

Portable petrol generator

small and portable petrol generator

Popular on the job site, BISON small and portable petrol generators provide limited power for small short-term use. For greater efficiency and longer run time, select petrol generator with a power of more than 5000 watts.

Here are the approximate wattages for common tools that are usually powered by petrol generators:

Circular saw1200-1600w
Drill (depending on size)250-1200w
String trimmer600-1100w
Hedge Clippers300-1000w
Leaf blower1000-1400w
Workshop vacuum700-1400w
Paint sprayer500-1000w
Miter saw500-1000w

Petrol inverter generator

quiet inverter generators are lightweight and easy to transport

Famous for their low noise levels, quiet petrol inverter generators are lightweight and easy to transport. They use a motor attached to an alternator to generate alternating current and convert it to direct current. Direct current can be stored, which makes the inverse Inverters become one of the best types of generators for RV travel, tailgating, camping or boating. Two inverter generators can often be connected together for twice the power.

The following are approximate wattages for items typically powered by BISON petrol inverter generators:

Space heater1500w
Hot plate1200w
Crock pot1200w

differemt types petrol generator

What to consider when wholesale the best petrol generators

Before you import, we'll focus on a few key factors in petrol generator purchase decision-making process to help you make a better choice.


Most petrol generators are between 800 and 7,500 watts. Petrol generators will list two wattages: starting wattage and running wattage. Some appliances require a lot of power to get up and running, and that's the starting wattage. But these appliances don't need as much power to keep them running, it's the wattage to run. If you're mainly selling them to young people who love camping, look for portable petrol generators that run between 1,000 and 4,000 watts. If you To grow a business among homeowners, generators should provide between 5,000 and 7,000 watts. This will keep appliances like refrigerators, freezers, pumps, and lights running smoothly.

fuel source

Most generators run on standard petrol. It is relatively cheap and widely available. But some generators can also use LPG. Dual fuel generators use a combination of petrol and LPG, and they can switch between the two fuel options. LPG generators are useful in an emergency when the local gas station is crowded with customers. Propane doesn't go out of style, so it's a good option for storage. All generators listed here can both run on petrol and Lpg.

noise figure

Petrol generators can be loud. Typically, petrol generators sound between 65dB and 100dB. BISON's petrol generators average between 60 and 70 decibels. Look carefully at the decibel rating of petrol generator. If your patrons plan to use petrol generator at the event, make sure generator doesn't drown out the party, so you can find low noise petrol generator from BISON. To attention: Don't put yourself or anyone else at risk by trying to retrofit the case yourself, petrol generators require circulating air to work.

single phase/three phase

The single-phase electricity produced by a single-phase petrol generator is comparable to that used in most household appliances. Single-phase generators can be used in small and large homes. Large commercial operations often require three-phase power. Therefore, a three-phase petrol generator is necessary. 3 phase generators can also operate on single-phase, but the power output of single-phase will not be as high as that of three-phase operation.

traditional or inverter

Petrol inverter generators are ideal for powering sophisticated electronic devices such as computers and televisions. These models generate pure sine waves, ensuring that no power surges will occur. However, prices tend to be more expensive.

traditional generator or inverter generator.jpg

Automatically shut down CO

For safe use, you can add a CO sensor to generator, a key safety feature that will automatically shut down generator's motor.

Fuel gauge

The fuel gauge shows at a glance how much fuel portable generator has left in the tank.

Low oil level shutdown

 This feature protects generator from damage by shutting down generator if the oil level is too low. It is standard on most stationary petrol generators, but many BISON petrol models also include it.

BISON petrol generators are ideal for:

Home Backup: Powers essential items like refrigerators, sump pumps, and microwaves during power outages.

Recreational Activities: Enjoy the convenience of electricity at picnics, camping, car-following, and more.

Professional Applications: Whether customers use it to run a food truck or work in construction, get heavy-duty power on the job.

Maintenance of petrol generators is critical

If you want petrol generator to be ready to run in the event of a grid failure, it needs to be properly maintained on a daily basis.

  • Have plenty of fuel on hand.

  • Machine needs an oil change every 100 hours of operation.

  • Use fuel stabilizer.

  • Run line dry seasonally.

  • Use at least once a month for twenty minutes.

  • Clean or replace the filter when it is visibly dirty.

  • Store it outside the element.

Your store may have the right solution!

Your all needs will be met in BISON. We will provide a full range of services to keep you up and meet your unique equipment requirements (OEM petrol generator). Whether it is to restore power to your home after a power outage, or to provide you with electricity in your garden or work site. Our rugged petrol generators can provide portable power for your tools and appliances.

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