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BISON cordless pressure washer

Want to wholesale cordless pressure washers? BISON pressure washers are ideal for multi-purpose cleaning of small cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boats, as well as smaller cleaning tasks in the home. BISON's wide range of lithium battery pressure washers covers all cleaning needs from 15 bar to 34 bar.

BISON, Professional global manufacturer of cordless pressure washers.

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Many businesses look for ideas from products that are currently popular. Based on store stats and the latest Google Trends data, here are the best cordless pressure washers to sell online in your e-commerce and dropshipping stores in 2022.

cordless pressure washer specification

Model BS-2401A BS-2401B BS-2401C BS-4801A BS-4801B BS-4801C BS-1201B BS-1202B
Peak pressure 3 mpa 3 mpa 4 mpa 4 mpa 4 mpa 5 mpa 2.5 mpa 2.5 mpa
Flow 180 l/h 180 l/h 200 l/h 210 l/h 210 l/h 240 l/h 160 l/h 160 l/h
Rated power 300w 280w 400w 380w 330w 450w 156w 136w
Battery capacity 15000 mAh 7500 mAh 15000 mAh 25000 mAh 15000 mAh 25000 mAh 4500 mAh 4500 mAh
Cruise (minute) 40 25 40 50 35 50 20 20

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  • " This cordless high pressure washer is one of the high performance machines available today. It can generate up to 5 mpa of water pressure and is capable of delivering up to 240 l/h of flow, which basically meets the needs of simple everyday high-pressure cleaning. It is also very portable and lightweight, as its compact design makes it very mobile and easy to use, and is widely appreciated by customers. "

    - Juan Jose


  • " The BISON Cordless Power Cleaner is very portable and can take water from any source. This hydro-jet pressure cleaner is lightweight and can deliver about seven times the pressure of a traditional hose, up to 4 mpa. It is highly recommended as a daily dirt cleaning option and can be purchased in bulk. "

    - Sherine Toumia


  • " If you are looking for a simple power tool that can handle most cleaning jobs, then the BISON Cordless Power Washer should be your first choice. The very basic design comes with some great attachments, high flow and high pressure, and offers the best performance at its reasonable price. "

    - Keita Famo


  • " If the customer only needs light cleaning tasks done, then BISON's line of cordless pressure washers are definitely worth considering for wholesale sales. Lightweight, portable, cordless and easy to use, they are equipped with nozzles that spray at different angles, are capable of long run times and have a substantial cleaning capacity, this is very popular among consumers.. "

    - Mehar Ikram


frequently asked questions

Are cordless pressure washers a replacement for industrial grade washers?

No, they are not. Since cordless washers are intended for everyday consumer use, they are primarily used to clean things like cars, water gardens, and maybe even give pets a bath.

How does a cordless pressure washer work?

The way a cordless pressure washer works is simple. The unit works by using a motor to build up water pressure inside it and expel the water at a faster rate. This creates a stronger jet of water that makes it easier to deal with stains and dirt.

Are cordless pressure washers better than pneumatic pressure washers?

Not necessarily, mainly because pneumatic pressure washers can provide a greater and wider range of pressure compared to cordless pressure washers; however, the portability of cordless pressure washers also gives them a place in the market and is widely preferred by customers.

What type of soap or cleaner should I use and how do I use it?

You will need to check to see if your cordless pressure washer comes with a detergent or soap canister. If the unit has a soap or cleaner canister, you can use different types of cleaners that can be purchased at online stores or in stores. Always remember to use the correct soap or cleaner for the job.

How often can I use the cordless pressure washer?

This depends on usage. If you plan to clean weekly, buy a compact but sturdy cordless pressure washer with an extended warranty. However, if you plan to use your unit occasionally, then a low-budget unit may be sufficient for your needs.

What should I consider when choosing a cordless pressure washer?

Look for key parameters, such as maximum pressure (PSI), number of pressure settings, number of nozzle settings/attachments, battery power and charge time, and motor strength. The higher and more versatile these factors are, the better. Secondary factors include additional features, free attachments, bucket capacity, manufacturer and warranty.

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Looking for the most efficient and powerful home appliances to help you with all your cleaning tasks? Cordless pressure washer is just what you've been waiting for. Imported wholesale pressure washers, especially cordless types, allow customers to easily accomplish cleaning tasks. First, they are not heavy, which means they can be easily carried. And there are no long wires. Work at your convenience without having to look for an electrical plug nearby.

best cordless pressure washer

So how do you choose the best cordless pressure washer?

Cordless Pressure Washer

Cordless pressure washers provide a portable option for light tasks like washing vehicles or watering plants. These battery-powered pressure washers have no limiting cords and are suitable for use wherever electricity is at a premium.

BISON cordless pressure washers also offer additional convenience features including:

  • The nozzles offer different spray patterns.

  • Hose provides extra flexibility and allows for extra movement.

  • The detergent tank allows you to use detergent on the pressure washer.

  • The spray gun cleans accurately and reduces user fatigue.

battery pressure washer could clean car

Advantages and disadvantages of cordless pressure washer

Cordless, battery-operated (lithium-ion) pressure washers are relatively new to the market, so there aren't many brands or options out there.

It's also generally more expensive than other types of power cleaners. However, many people prefer cordless models because they are easy to use and lightweight - they can be carried by hand or placed on a stand.

Still, one downside of cordless pressure washers is the limited time per charge, which can be as short as 20-40 minutes on average.

Cordless pressure washers are usually powered by rechargeable batteries that can be charged using AC or DC power. It would help, though, if you remember that the cordless models need to stay near a power outlet while charging.

Another disadvantage of this product is the short hose length, which means the user has to constantly move the device while washing.

What to look for before importing?

For judgment on what to look for when purchasing cordless pressure washer, here are some key points to look out for and prioritize. Key metrics are water output (GPM and PSI), noise levels and battery life. While many of these BISON cordless pressure washer models come with different sized batteries, it's important to know that no matter which model you purchase, you can end your car wash without dying.

electric cordless pressure washer


Pressure is another feature to look out for when buying a cordless portable washing machine. In many cases, high pressure can damage the surface you're cleaning, while low pressure may not be enough to clean some types of dirt or stains. Finding the right balance of stress can alleviate these problems.


PSI and GPM are the basic metrics you need to know when importing a cordless pressure washer. PSI is a measure of water pressure per square inch of space that a compressor can produce. GPM, also known as flow rate, measures the amount of water a washing machine pumps per minute. The higher the number or PSI and GPM, the greater the cleaning power. For example, the 320 psi cordless pressure washer is a low-power pressure washer that is only suitable for cleaning windows and outdoor furniture. And 2000psi is perfect for boats, campers and other recreational vehicles.

Noise level

For the sake of your eardrums and your relationship with your neighbors, don't ignore the sound of a pressure washer. Cordless units are slightly quieter than regular varieties, but also less powerful. Aside from the difference between noise and performance, you can rest easy knowing that all BISON cordless pressure washer models have an output below 85 decibels.

Battery life

Battery life is an important consideration to keep in mind, and customers generally do not want their washing machine batteries to drain during cleaning tasks. The ideal cordless pressure washer should provide a reasonable operating time when fully charged. It's worth noting that using the pressure washer on higher settings will drain the battery faster.

Weight distribution

While traditional power washers tend to be larger and therefore don't pack every component near the boom, cordless units don't have this flexibility. To ensure your cordless pressure washer is easy to use, weight is an important metric. Equally important is the distribution of weight, reducing the load required to precisely locate the water flow.


Some people need a cordless pressure washer that can clean just about anything, while others need a machine for one or two different purposes. Not all units are versatile, so you'll need to base your decision on the manufacturer's information, the BISON cordless pressure washer's extra handy features are shown above.


The BISON cordless pressure washer is like any other tool: it's worth the money. Decent professional-grade models cost hundreds of dollars, while consumer-grade machines cost just a few bucks. Consumer-grade cordless pressure washers are not designed for heavy use. So if you use a cordless washer a lot, opting for a professional-grade model might help. BISON cordless washing machines are currently equipped with 18v, 20v, 40v battery pressure washer options.

Cordless Pressure Washer Maintenance

Like any other power cleaner, cordless pressure washers require regular maintenance to function properly.

BISON cordless battery high pressure washers are usually made of plastic and metal, the moving parts in the high pressure washer are not as exposed as other models and are therefore less likely to be damaged. However, most models have limited battery life, so you should always pay attention to the charging indicator to avoid malfunctions due to a dead battery.

Some cordless models are made with rechargeable batteries that need to be replaced early when they can no longer be recharged.

Wired electric models require pump oil changes every 50 hours of use, but the rest of the maintenance tasks are generally more manageable than other types of electric cleaners.

In conclusion

Cordless pressure washers are a more convenient and modern way to clean. This handy tool runs entirely on batteries, making simple daily cleaning tasks easier and saving customers a lot of time. With a broad market and a wide range of user groups, it is very worthy of investment by the majority of importers to expand new categories.

Put BISON in charge of your cordless pressure washer!

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