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12Apr 2023

Cordless VS Electric Pressure Washer

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High pressure washer is a great way to clean your car, truck or yard. Uses high-pressure water to wash away dust and grime from exterior surfaces in minutes. If you've used it before, you know how much fun it can be!

However, there are two main types of high pressure washers: cordless and electric models. In this article, we will discuss how each type differs, and what to consider when choosing, which will help you make a better pressure washer choice.

Cordless & Electric Pressure Washer's Features

Features of Cordless Pressure Washer

Ideal for small jobs, cordless pressure washers are portable and easy to use without having to deal with cords or extension hoses.

Cordless pressure washers are usually powered by lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and more durable than lead-acid batteries, but they have a higher upfront cost and don't last as long between charges (about 20 minutes per charge). Lead-acid batteries are cheaper but heavier than lithium-ion batteries, and they also take slightly longer to charge (about 30 minutes per charge).


Features of Electric Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers are powered by an electric motor that runs on electricity. This means you can use them anywhere without worrying about running out of gas or dealing with gasoline engine fumes. Durable electric motors require little maintenance and will provide years of reliable service with proper care and maintenance.


Please see the BISON pressure washers list for more styles.

Cordless & Electric Pressure Washer's Advantages

Advantages of Cordless Pressure Washer

  • No Cords: One of the biggest advantages of using a cordless battery operated pressure washer over an electric pressure washer is that there are no cords involved with this type of machine! This means no trip hazards in your garage or work area, and no risk of accidentally pulling down power cords outside your home while trying to get around with your pressure washer on wheels (if you work near power lines in this case , this can happen).

  • Portability: Cordless pressure washers are easier to transport and store than electric pressure washers. You can take it wherever you need without worrying about finding an outlet or lugging heavy cords.

  • Convenience: Cordless models are also more convenient because they don't require any tools to assemble or maintain, unlike some electric models that require connecting hoses every time they are used.

Advantages of Electric Pressure Washer

  • Powerful motor: BISON electric pressure washers are powered by electric motors, which means they can deliver more power than cordless pressure washers. This makes them ideal for cleaning large areas or performing tough jobs such as removing paint from concrete.

  • Adjustable pressure setting. Most electric models offer adjustable settings that allow you to control how much water comes out of the high-pressure washer gun at any given time, making them easier to use than cordless pressure washers with fixed settings.

Cordless Pressure Washer AdvantagesElectric Pressure Washer Advantages
No CordsMore powerful motor
Small and portableAdjustable pressure setting

More convenient to use

Cordless & Electric Pressure Washer's Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Cordless Pressure Washers

  • The main disadvantage of cordless pressure washers is the short run time. Depending on the model, most of these machines only last about 15 minutes before needing to be recharged. This means that if you have a lot of cleaning to do, it may take a few hits with a cordless pressure washer to get it all done.

  • Another problem with these types of car washing machines is that they don't have as much power as electric models; this means they may not be able to handle heavy work, such as removal from tile floors, without damaging the floor or causing other problems such as cracking paint or grout. Wireless devices can be a more expensive investment than electronics in the long run because they require regular battery replacements -- and those batteries don't come cheap!

Disadvantages of Electric Pressure Washers

  • Cords: Electric motors are not as portable as cordless models. You need to be close to a wall outlet or extension cord to power your machine, which limits your cleaning options.

  • Bulky: Electric pressure washers are also bulkier than cordless pressure washers because they have larger motors and high-pressure pumps that require more storage space.

  • High purchase cost: While there are some electric pressure washer suppliers in the market, such as BISON, that can offer very affordable electric models, most electric pressure washers have a relatively high initial purchase cost because they use more expensive components, For example, hoses and nozzles are made of brass rather than plastic materials, which are prone to breakage due to constant exposure to water-based chemicals such as bleach or acid solutions (which can cause corrosion).

Cordless Pressure Washer DisadvantagesElectric Pressure Washer Disadvantages
Cannot provide for long time useCords limit cleaning range
Not powerful enoughMore bulkier
Batteries often need to be replacedHigh purchase cost

In addition to the differences mentioned above, BISON also believes that the following details need to be considered when considering importing these two high pressure washers.

Key Points to Consider When Purchasing high pressure washer

Power requirements: Consider the size of your job and how much water you need to remove from it. If you're just cleaning the garden, a less powerful cordless pressure washer will do just fine. However, if you plan on tackling larger projects, such as cleaning your entire house or driveway, it's best to invest in a BISON electric pressure washer.

Portability: Cordless portable high-pressure washers can be carried with you and used anytime, anywhere. Electric models need to be up and running in a powered environment.

Battery life: If you choose a cordless model, consider battery life and charging time. You don't want to be stuck at work with a dead battery.

Price: Consider your budget and how much you're willing to spend on high pressure washer. Electric models are usually more expensive than cordless models.

Accessories: Consider what accessories came with your high pressure washer, as well as additional accessories you may need to purchase separately, such as different nozzles or hoses.


All in all, when choosing between cordless and electric pressure washers, it's important to consider your power requirements, portability needs, battery life, price, and accessories. Both types of high pressure washers have pros and cons, so it's important to weigh your main options before purchasing an import. Choosing the right high pressure washer can help your customers better tackle cleaning tasks around their home or business, leaving surfaces looking new again.

Whether it is an electric high-pressure washer or a cordless high-pressure washer, BISON high-pressure washer manufacturers have a variety of styles to choose from. Welcome to consult and understand. Our professional team will provide you with the best service!

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